Damian Jasná Hotel Resort & Residences will be situated in ski resort Jasná, municipality Demänovská Dolina, located in the north of Slovakia, south of Polish border. The site has a center location within the resort - between Hotel Grand and glacial lake Vrbické Pleso and lies within within the National park Low Tatras. Please go to GOOGLE MAPS for exact location.

The main access point is town Liptovský Mikuláš, located 16km south of Demänovská Dolina, with good road and railway connections from both Bratislava and Košice. The town is located on the main railway line No 180 Žilina – Košice. The D1 motorway bypasses the town to the south and the town is located at the junction of the roads I/18 and II/584. 

There are four international airports located in proximity to the resort - Poprad – Tatry Airport (55 km), Airport Žilina (104 km), Airport Krakow in Poland (179 km), Košice Airport (184 km).