Have you never thought about owning a vacation property? Are you afraid you won't be able to make sufficient use of it? Participation in Hotel Rental Program will allow for a combination of owner usage and hassle-free rental of your apartment and you will earn income from this rental minus expenses and Hotel fees. 

We will make sure that the rental of apartments is indeed hassle-free. The Hotel Management will arrange all aspects of the rental of participating apartments including payment collection and distribution, unit maintenance, marketing, etc. Moreover, you will be able to request for personal items to be removed and stored by the Hotel staff upon check-out, and upon return you will find them arranged just as you left them.

Selected apartments come with an option to set up bedrooms, which can be rented out separately, thus allowing owner to enjoy the apartment and at the same time rent out the separate bedrooms when not in use. These rooms have been designed with an independent entrance and are separated from the rest of the apartment with soundproof lockout doors to allow for their separate rental. Their features will be those of a standard Hotel room.

The Hotel Management pledges to maximize returns through diligent management and through providing superior hospitality services. We will for example augment front-line staff selection and training, so they fulfill the expectations of more sophisticated upscale clientele. Any requests of apartment owners and hotel guests will be carried out by experienced, helpful and foreign language speaking staff. Our strategy is not to be aggressive in attracting large volumes of guests, but bringing in high value clients. We will make sure that we provide the value these customers expect and where possible, exceed that expectation and thus concentrate on creating client satisfaction, repeat patronage and positive referrals.