Due to location in the center of the National Park Low Tatras, the Developer has worked closely with the local authorities during planning and permitting process to ensure that the Damian Jasná Hotel Resort & Residences Project meets and surpasses all requirements of environmental and other agencies and its impact on the environment is minimized. 

The whole complex will be built and operated with environment in mind. It is designed as environmentally conscious through responsible choices of quality finishes and materials as well as through the use of energy efficient technologies such as thermodynamic heating, heat recuperation of sewage water, intelligent ventilation based on air quality with heat recuperation, triple-pane aluminum windows to prevent energy loss, energy-efficient lighting with motion sensors to control lighting in low-activity areas, intelligent tool for managing light and heating usage through monitoring occupancy, etc. During hotel operation, the Manager will attempt to use resources wisely, and to save water, reduce energy use, cut down on solid waste and recycle. As much as possible, food products will be purchased from locally grown sources.